LEADING CHANGE by Angela Donnelly


Helping your team embrace change during times of uncertainty. 

If you've always wanted to...

  • become the leader people work for you because they want to, not because they have to
  • be more courageous during times of uncertainty and embrace new and unfamiliar situations as opportunities for personal growth
  • be more competent motivating team members and colleagues to buy-in to new ideas and changes in the workplace
... then this power sprint is for you.

In this power sprint, I've included everything you need to know, including:

  • profoundly powerful insights and learnings to increase your understanding of behavioural change
  • a simple model to apply when initiating change - in the workplace or your personal capacity
  • tools, templates and checklists to get you on your way to becoming a talent magnet.

Hi, I'm Angela

Climbing the proverbial corporate ladder I began to wonder:
  • what gives someone the right to tell others what to do?
  • how come some individuals go the extra mile whilst others simply don't?
I now enjoy sharing what I discovered with leaders and their teams, to transform workplaces. I hope you will join me...


Our organisation is about to go through some pretty major changes. Will this power sprint empower me to help my team (and me!) manage the anxiety this is starting to initiate?

Absolutely. Leaders often find themselves in the inenviable position of having to "hold it together" for everyone else, when they themselves are experiencing the stress of organisational change. By preparing yourself to deal with change, you will be in a better position to respond to it personally, and will model the behaviour that will empower your people. I really hope you will join me on this particular power sprint.

I totally dread having to present new ideas to our committee. They can be so negative sometimes. What can I do to change them?

The change starts with you - it is the only power you have and you have lots of it whether you realise it yet, or not. This power sprint won't help you change them, but it will help you to become more convincing in how you present your new ideas and increase your chances obtaining their buy-in.
And positivity and determination are infectious - you might find how they respond to you starts to change, when you become more masterful in your interactions with others. Keep yer chin up, and I hope to see you on this power sprint.