Become the leader people follow because they want to...
 not because they have to.

What you can expect...

Remote learning experiences that transform leadership effectiveness.  

Insights to inspire and challenge beliefs that prevent leaders from reaching their full potential. Learnings include self-paced power sprints (with videos, text, tools, templates and checklists to promote practical application in the workplace), interactive online corporate workshops, webinars and online coaching engagements.

Pricing options and access designed to accommodate individuals and corporate organisations. 


Empower yourself, and your team, to thrive at work and in life.
Available for purchase.
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WELLNESS @ WORK Online Corporate Workshop

A 3-hour interactive online session for up to 15 participants.
Available for purchase.
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Unlocking creativity and innovation through trust and courage.
Available in December.
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Leadership Package: Power Sprint Series

Purchase all six and only pay for five!
Corporate packages available - pricing on request.
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Combining our differences to create our strengths.                    
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Helping your team embrace change during times of uncertainty. 
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Providing the means, ability and accountability to create high-performing teams.
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Building team cohesion through effective communications.
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Hi, I'm Angela

Climbing the proverbial corporate ladder got me wondering:
  • what really gives someone the right to tell others what to do?
  • how is it that some individuals go the extra mile whilst others simply don't?
I now enjoy sharing what I discovered with leaders and their teams, to transform workplaces. I hope you will join me...


Is a power sprint just another name for an online course?

Not really. Think of it as breaking up an online course into powerful, stand-alone learning experiences. Each one focused on resolving a specific leadership challenge. 

How long will each power sprint take to complete?

The power sprints vary in length from one to three hours, so look out for the estimated time indicated for each one. Essentially, I am packing a corporate workshop into each power sprint in a manner that you can digest at your own pace.

I like the idea of power sprints - but only see one? What's the plan?

A new topic will launch every other month. This means you can pace your leadership journey. Currently WELLNESS @ WORK is available and BOLD AND AGILE will launch in December.

What if I am experiencing a specific leadership challenge not covered by any of the planned power sprints?

Drop me a line and tell me all about it. If your challenge is something common to many leaders or organizations, I'll include it. If it is very specific to you, we can engage in some online coaching conversations, if you like. 

How did these power sprints come about?

Most of my clients are large organizations. I wanted to create something that would enable more leaders to access my workshops. This way organizations can purchase a corporate package and continue to develop their employees during COVID-19. And likewise individual leaders anywhere in the world can also invest in their personal growth.

I noticed you now have online corporate workshops available. Will there be more?

Absolutely. Currently each workshop is launching the same month that the power sprint topic becomes available for purchase. So if you found the power sprint valuable, perhaps your company would like to run the workshop for others. 

OK - what else can you do?

Pretty much anything! These are the topics and workshops that I think have the biggest impact right now, hence the focus. Likewise, with COVID hanging around, this is the best method of access that I found where we can continue the leadership transformation...

Are your still available for executive coaching at this time?

Yes I am. We can engage in one or more coaching conversations via ZOOM, if you like. Please contact me at: